4 years) presented with incontinence following back injury or chronic back pain. Both men had received pharmacological agents and surgical intervention, with minimal improvement. Intervention: for patient 1, electroacupuncture at gb 25 (negative) to the crossed handles of bl 23 and bl 52 (positive), bilaterally, for 15 minutes, followed by kidney-bladder distinct meridian input focused to the crossed handles of bl 31 and bl 34, bilaterally, for another 15 minutes. order viagra Bl 31 and bl 34 as well as gv 1 were also stimulated. For patient 2, an approach identical to that of patient 1 was performed bilaterally for 15 minutes. side effects of viagra on men Percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation treatment was performed bilaterally for 25 minutes from the crossed handles of t9 and l1 to s1 (negative), and from the crossed handles of s2 and s4 (positive) to the ipsilateral suprapubic region. Main outcome measures: patient report of incontinence, related symptoms, and use of pharmacotherapy. price of viagra canada Results: at 5-month follow-up, patient 1 was completely continent of urine and could sleep up to 7 hours at night without voiding. generic viagra online After the third treatment, patient 2 discontinued pain medication and bowel and bladder continence were greatly improved. By the 15th treatment, his urinary incontinence had resolved. generic viagra The authors review the literature pertaining to acupuncture treatment of neurogenic bladder due to spinal cord injury. Conclusions: although there are limited data on this topic, acupuncture in these cases produced favorable outcomes in patients with neurogenic bladder that was previously refractory to pharmacological and surgical interventions. This paper was cited by: acupuncture's effects in treating the sequelae of acute and chronic spinal cord injuries: a review of allopathic and traditional chinese medicine literaturepeter t. Dorsher, peter m. viagra price in mexico Mcintosh evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine. Jan 2011, vol. using viagra premature ejaculation 2011: 1-8 crossref users who read this article also read internet addiction: the emergence of a new clinical disorder kimberly s. Young cyberpsychology & behavior. Fall 1998: 237-244. Abstract | full text pdf | reprints | permissions breastfeeding rates among mothers of infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome elisha m. Wachman, john byun, barbara l. Philipp breastfeeding medicine. viagra canada online August 2010: 159-164. viagra coupon Abstract | full tex. is it safe to buy viagra online yahoo buy viagra online Asesoría Laboral, Fiscal y Contable

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